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In the night the moonbeams reach the shore of a distant world and the shells shimmer in their perfection as they lay on the beach waiting for the ocean waves to take them on another adventure….


Time Twisters!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Can you feel the daily increase in the energies.  Holy melt my mind batman!!  I swear I have got to put my running shoes on every morning just to keep up with the shear changes every single day.  Higher and higher we go!!  It’s becoming harder and harder for me to put into words and be accurate in the wording, both in these sharings as well as in the readings.  I swear spirit has a hook at my vocal chords and the words are removed before they even find air to be used.  HEY!!!  Not nice, I need my words lol, at least until we all learn telepathy efficiently!!

Our DNA is in a radical state of change, of super expansion (and even that, is not really correct, it’s so much more than that, but that’s all the words I have to describe it.)  In the last few days, I…

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A Night Walk on the Beach

 Moonbeams  dance between the rocks and boulders scattered on the sandy shore.

Mermaids play in the surf at the water’s edge that sparkle with light in the moving waves  hiding magical shells for all who are searching.

Sea mists swirl in the warm breezes that wrap you in the enchantment of the darkness.

Your Soul is in delight of the Enchantment

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Mysticism – Awakened Codes

Judith Kusel

leo-radiance-from-your-heart-holemanThe higher paths of Mysticism have to do with the preparedness to delve ever deeper in the depths of Being – that state of Being which is the Unknown, the endless infinite realm of the Gods and Goddesses – the Mystery of Life and the Life Force itself.  It delves deep into the cosmic consciousness which is sublime and which is the creative force itself, yet is within all Beings and all that ever was created under the Central Cosmic Sun.

It is the highest calling of the Illumined State.  It takes total commitment and dedication to this path.  It is the highest path of supreme purity and it will demand that All.

According to the Oxford dictionary a Mystic is a person who devotes their time to profound thought in order to become closer to God and to reach truths beyond human understanding.  Its root is the Greek word…

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The AMAZING Skill Sets Being Revealed and the New Teachers Here to Help Us!!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!


When I woke up late yesterday, I wasn’t going to write a blog.  I really like to have 3-4 hours to do my sharings, when I only have an hour, I feel like I am rushing and cannot get out everything desired.  Yet, there was no way spirit was letting me slide yesterday and they hung the new skills and meditation importance in my face until I finally hit the keyboard to release it.  Truthfully, they also snuck in the release of the new package I will put together today… kinda as their way of making sure I get it done.  After I published my blog I thought… how the hell do I even do a package of the unknown???  Meaning, how do I try to teach what I don’t even know yet.  Well, spirit made sure everyone on my agenda yesterday was about to make this a crystal clear…

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Oracle Card Reading for December: Solstice Celebration

Sacred Journeys

winter solcstice

Sending you all lots of laughter and love in this joyous season as we celebrate the Winter Solstice on the 21st and all of the holidays. What will we wake up to on the 22 of December? Will the world have changed? Or will we? As always stay heart centered, continue to do your good works and go within as often as you can. Utilize sacred ceremony as much as you can in your lives to keep you out of the programming and in your heart space. Now lets see what the cards say…Woo Ha Ha!

Quiet Time-/Sige: How appropriate for the winter season. This is a wonderful time to just quiet your mind, listen to the wind blow, the rain or snow fall and just let your cares tumble away, releasing all those old energies that may be lingering in your body and energy field. Tune into that deeper…

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Maintaining Focus in Times of Rapid Expansion

Thank you so much Angela

Sacred Journeys


The 11:11 gateway has brought us the opportunity for unimaginable growth as we continue to walk the ascension path. I chose this day to do some long overdue housework, which early on, I began feeling was an exercise in futility. I began to focus on what I could have done with my life and how the ‘machine’ had stepped in to thwart my plans. I broke into tears on a couple of occasions. Grounding is effective when this happens, or anytime you feel frustrated or anxious. So I stepped outside, standing with my bare feet on the grass, to ground and get into my heart space.   Almost immediately I heard, “ You are transmuting the energies that clear anytime you ‘clean.’ Wow, that was good to know, I stayed outside a bit longer to soak up some of the beautiful sun energies, and then got back to work, recharged!


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